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  • Introducing Seller’s Marketplace

    There are more ways than ever for selling your home. In Seller’s Marketplace we've partnered with companies that offer alternative options to allow you to seamlessly sell, buy and move.

  • List with an agent

    Sell with the guidance of a real estate professional.

  • Sell with ease

    Skip the listing process and move on your schedule.

  • Buy now, sell laterNew

    Get the certainty of buying your new home first, then sell your old one.

  • Sell now, move later

    Get the liquidity of selling your home without having to move.

  • Sell in any condition

    Sell your home as it stands, regardless of its condition or financial status.

  • Visit Seller’s Marketplace
  • Find the right agent for you

  • Agent pairing technology

    Our Real Estate agent pairing technology connects you with agents in real time for your selling and buying needs.

  • Time-saving data

    Our proprietary pairing algorithm is based on 17 years of transaction data pairing sellers with selling agents.

  • Personalized support

    Our team of experts will work with you until you've found the right selling agent.

  • Find my agent
  • Explore homeowner tools that help you at every stage

  • Track your valuation and equity
  • Follow neighborhood trends
  • Browse remodeling tips & inspiration
  • Discover financing options

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